Charlotte Yonga

Born in Paris in 1985 to a French mother and a Cameroonian father, I grew up in an old christian abbey by the river in the west of France, surrounded by my mother, stepfather and little brother.  After high school, I went back to Paris to study and practice visual Arts. Graduated with honors from ENSAPC in 2010, I began to work as a portrait, documentary photographer and a creative educator.  

I had worked and lived in Paris (France), Oakland (Usa), Tangier (Morocco), Cameroon and since a few years, I am based Barcelona (Spain) but I am still working a lot in France.  

My photographic approach, impregnated with dramaturgy, is traversed by questions linked to the notion of individuality subjected to delocalization and North-South cross-examination. My subjects, mostly people captured in characteristic contexts, are at the center of attention and face the viewer. 

I aim to shows tangible personalities in their complexities, the alchemy summoning realism, strength and vulnerability. Loving the idea of bringing out the reliefs and the singular impressions that can reveal a supposed banality. Then in a concern to move my gaze to subjects, I am interested in exploring the expressive qualities specific to other media. I made video and sound projects. I had also been drawing since I was a kid, I recently decided to show as well this intimate work on colors and forms coming, my "therapeutic sketches"...

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